We realize the information and videos about the production process are extensive and detailed. It is our goal to help our clients in every way possible, even before we have our first meeting! We encourage you to take in all the information you can; from us and any other resources you can find. Tackling a production will involve time and resources. The better prepared you are, the more efficient your resources are. That equals savings in time and money!

The production process has several major phases. Creative Development, The Green Light, Pre Production, Production, Post Production, and Delivery. In these phases we work closely with our clients trough the entirety of the project. This allows not only collaboration and creativity to drive the project, but also creates a constant line of communication as it evolves.

Your overall project

Keep in mind, more than likely, your video presentation may be your potential clients first impression of you. The video, sound, lighting, acting, script, and overall creative quality of your project will directly effect this impression. With this in mind, everything you put out there will mold who you are, and again, the quality of the production says as much of who you are as the reputation you have built since the day you opened for business. More and more people are acquiring products and services without ever walking through your front door.

What are the goals for your project

The key to creating a quality production is what results it achieves once it is utilized. This is usually done by having a solid marketing plan for the project. Is this project designed to create a new brand, create traffic (web, social media, in house) create sales or inform? Identify your project goals, target market, and your possible outlets. By keeping all of these key points in mind our clients have consistently been able to go above and beyond their expectations.

Create a budget

“How much is this going to cost?” Cost will vary depending on several factors such as cast, crew, locations, travel, equipment needs, special effects and visual effects to name a few. This is always the number one question any production company faces. Unfortunately it is usually answered with several questions from the production company. What is the project? What is the time frame? Do you have the locations for the shoot? What assets will be involved? As well as several others, so this is a question that is best answered after a creative development meeting with your chosen production company. Together you can formulate a budget so that there are no hidden costs.

Time frame

A projects time frame is impacted by the same factors as the budget. Again, our suggestion is to have a creative development meeting with a production company to see how long it will take.

Creative Development

these is an initial meeting to exchange introductions and ideas. It allows our perspective clients an opportunity to decide if we are a good fit for them.

The Production Company

Finding a high quality production company that can meet all of your needs can be extremely difficult. A well established production company should have all of the creative and marketing skills, the equipment, and perhaps most importantly, the experience needed to complete your project in time and within budget. Do your research, contact their prior clients to see not only if they were happy with the final product, but also how the company as a whole is to work with.

Have a creative development meeting with the company. At this meeting, you should be able to get a good idea if they are a good fit for you. At this meeting you should be able to look at and discuss their prior work, ideas for your project and their availability.

There are several options for your company to get it’s message out there. When choosing a production company there are just as many options. Will they focus on our brand identity, our project mission and our company’s vision? When making your decision, you should ask

Are they experienced?

Have they produced quality corporate videos with proven results for their former clients?

What is their production process?

Will there be a Creative Development meeting? What is requiered before we agree to green light the project? How important is Pre Production to them on a project? How professional is there approach to Production? How many edits will I see during Post Production? What are there delivery policies?

Will they fit in the corporate environment?

Will they bring a professional look, effective attitude, and proper etiquette?

Are the receptive to ideas and input?

This is a marketing tool for you and collaboration is of the utmost importance to maintain your brand reputation. Will they bring original ideas? Are they creative? Do they understand public relations, marketing, image?

What will this cost?

Get a contract and a budget. Is it cost effective? Will I get a maximize return on investment?

What type of equipment do you plan to use for my project?

Are they using cutting edge equipment and gear?

Are they efficient?

Every hour spent disrupting your assets to produce a project diverts your assets from your normal business routine. Will they create have a shoot schedule? Will all details be thoroughly explained for site and personnel needs before shooting? All of these factors directly affect the project budget and your businesses bottom line!

Do they have the skills to complete my project?

Do they have the assets and capabilities to produce:

  • Commercials?
  • Quality interviews?
  • Engaging presentation, educational, training, tutorial, testimonial, or biographical videos?
  • Is my project a priority?
  • What will be the delivery options? (web, social, dvd, etc)

Once you have decided to go with a production company, get a contract. Outline the entire project from start to delivery with a deadline date. Also, get all their rates and project costs up front and in writing! This way you know what your final budget should be as well as knowing what any additional charges may be before making any changes. Also, you can review the final product before any release events.

We think the choice is obvious, but that’s not for us to decide.

Pre Production

This phase of production irons out all of the vital details of the project.
Together we will work on creative ideas, script, production needs, budget, and logistics
Once approved, we will set up a shoot scheduled and sign a contract


Writing a script can be a daunting task. Wherl Productions sees the best way of writing a script is to collaborate with our clients on concepts, ideas, and practicality. We will work together, looking at your ideas and visions along with our unique creative approach in order to achieve the desired goals of the project. The script will guide the entire production should answer all the following questions:

  • Is it clear, concise?
  • Is the message consistent?
  • Is it credible?
  • Does it connect with your target audience?
  • Does it convey the right impression?
  • Is it memorable?
  • Does it get our message across?

Once we get a script finalized and approved, its time to move onto production.


This is where all of our hard work pays off. Wherl Productions will take our script and employ all the necessary assets to turn it into a high quality video production. During this process, we will constantly work together to improve and refine the project. This will be archived by reviewing periodic edits to make sure we stay on task culminating with an Approved Edit.

Edit Approvals

periodically send, at pre determined stages, time-coded rough cuts with temporary visuals to get client feedback, making sure to stay on track and under budget.

Post production

Where the magic happens! Once we receive an approval edit we will move to the post production phase. During this phase we will take the approved edit and add all of the necessary graphics, music, voice overs, special effects, etc.