This month we were grateful to be selected to provided coverage of the USMC Historical Company‘s activities at the 150th Anniversary of the John Brown raid in Harpers Ferry, West Virgina.

“October 2009 marked 150 years since the abolitionist John Brown perpetuated his raid against the town of Harpers Ferry, (West) Virginia , and the Federal Arsenal there. Although the incident has made an indelible mark in history, many of the details and people involved are still shrouded in myth and conjecture. Few people today realize that US Marines captured John Brown, ending his attempt to incite a slave revolt in Virginia. Fewer still grasp the military and political intrigue, beyond the issues of slavery, that surrounded the raid, nor the challenges that Army Lt.Col. Robert E. Lee and those Marines would face in resolving the issue. Their ability to improvise and adapt to the rapidly changing mission, and the courage and discipline that ultimately allowed them to defuse a very tense and explosive situation would directly reflect those operations that our Marines are dealing with today around the world.”
Wherl Productions provided multi-camera coverage of the event. We also shot a series of scripted narrative for a future USMCHC project. We are proud to have been part of this historical event. Thanks to GySgt Williams, Beth Hall and all the staff of the USMCHC for their incredibly meticulous preparation which made the production and event a success.