Quality Customer Service

Priority one is to provide the highest customer service possible, we achieve this by understanding our clients:

We understand Our Time is Your Money

We believe it’s our responsibility to manage our time and expenses as effectively possible. This approach makes us look at the most cost effective, efficient way of completing every project without sacrificing quality or service.

We understand every project is a marketing tool for you

client’s feedback inspires us to create better advertising for you. We will always be as creative as possible while always deferring back to our target audience and marketing objective. We also understand that clients can only review what they can see.
So we will periodically send, at pre determined stages, time-coded rough cuts with temporary visuals to get client feedback, making sure we stay on track and under budget.

We understand the need for Flexibility

We’ve been on numerous projects that have evolved as we progressed. This can mean changes in direction, locations, actors, etc. We strive to adapt to any situation and provide our clients with service they have come to expect from Wherl Productions

We understand the need for constant, open communications

this may be the most important key to completing any project. By openly communicating we are able to reach all of our goals, collaborating on every aspect of the project.

Bottom Line:
Our Goal is to Deliver the highest quality production, on Time, Within Budget, and to Have Fun Doing It!